Zebra UHF RFID Tag Thermal Label

Zebra UHF RFID Tag Thermal Printable Label – Zebra offers the largest Selection of In-Stock RFID Tag/Labels, Tested for your Zebra Printers. RFID solutions give you the real-time asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximise asset utilization and error-proof asset-related data.

Only Zebra provides end-to-end solution simplicity with every thing you need to implement RFID in your organisation — from well-tested, industry-leading infrastructure to the expertise you need to maximise the benefits of RFID in your enterprise.

Selecting the right RFID labels for your application can be complicated. Zebra now offers the widest selection of in-stock Zebra UHF RFID Tag Labels, designed for and tested with Zebra printers, as well as Zebra RFID readers. We have options for general purpose, advanced and specialty use applications, in a variety of sizes and materials, using inlays from leading manufacturers to meet your needs.

When you choose zebra for your RFID printing needs, you get the industry-best encoding accuracy needed to ensure the right data is embedded in every tag. And whether you need to print high, mid or low volumes of item hang tags, case and pallet labels or RFID-enabled ID, royalty or membership cards, we have a printer that is perfect for the job.

Factors That Affect Your RFID Read Performance
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting RFID labels. RFID read-performance is most impacted by three main factors:

Inlay Size
A larger RFID inlay gives you longer read ranges.

Reader Type
Handheld, fixed and overhead readers often perform differently and serve different use cases.

Material Surface and Environment
Surface of the material, such as corrugate box, wood, glass, plastic, metal, etc, as well as how densely items are stacked, or what is contained within the boxes, can affect the read range.

RFID Applications
Due to the many variables that can affect read range, we recommend testing labels in your actual environment to determine which label works best for your application. Your Zebra supplies representative can provide samples for testing. Additionally, by utilizing long-standing partnerships with the leading RFID inlay providers, Zebra can create custom RFID labels to make a label specific to your needs. Please contact us for details.

General Purpose
These labels are designed for use with standard RFID readers and are stocked in a variety of inlay types and sizes. They are available in paper and synthetic materials that work on non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate.

Typical Uses
Transportation and Logistics: Distribution, shipping and receiving and warehouse operations including case, pallet and cross-docking applications
Manufacturing: Work-in-process, product labeling, product ID/serial numbers, security and product lifecycle tagging
Healthcare: Specimen, laboratory and pharmacy labeling, document and patient records management

These labels offer a higher level of read performance than our general purpose labels. Regularly used in retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications.

Typical Uses
Same as General Purpose applications, where longer read ranges are required.

For specialty situations, such as asset tagging on metal surface or for liquid-filled containers, we offer Silverline on-metal labels.

Typical Uses
Manufacturing: Asset tracking of tools, fixtures, metal parts, returnable containers, chemical drums and more
IT Equipment Tracking: Asset tracking of mobile computers, printers, antennas and infrastructure components
Healthcare: Asset tracking of wheelchairs, beds, oxygen canisters, IV pumps and medical diagnostic tools


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