USB Pro RFID Reader

USB Pro RFID Reader Desktop RFID Reader The USB Pro RFID Reader is that latest desktop RFID reader from the ThingMagic division of Trimble.  Based on the M6e-Micro LTE RFID module the USB Pro reader offers a number of enhancements including Wider power range, New external antenna, port Enhanced firmware features.

The USB Pro reader is preconfigured for most regions in the world including the Americas (FCC / IC rules) Europe (ETSI rules) India (TRAI) Korea (KCC) Australia (ACMA) China (SRRC-MII) and Japan (MIC).

The reader also has a customizable option to accomodate other areas and research applications. The wider power range from -5 to +30 dBm gives greater flexibilty in applying the reader.  With internal and external antenna options power setting may now be varied to match a wider range of applcations. The enhanced firmware assoicated with the M6e-Micro LTE module includes support for ISO 18000 6C Gen2V2 tags, faster initialization on startup and additional protocol support (may require additional licensing).

Features of the USB Pro RFID Reader include:

•    Support for EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) with Anti-Collision and DRMPowered by USB connection to notebook or desktop PC
•    ThingMagic Reader Assistant software and applications development tools
•    Support for full 860 to 960 MHz UHF RFID carrier frequency range to accommodate worldwide regulations
•    Certifiable for operation in countries adopting FCC, ETSI, KCC, TRAI, ACMA, SRRC regulatory specifications (Open (Customizable) 860-960 MHz)
•    Tag Read Rate up to 50 tags/second
•    Tag Read Distance Up to 1.2 m (4 feet) with internal antenna
•    Tag read distance up to 6.1 m (20 feet) with external 6 dBi linear polarized external antenna
•    Operating temperature range -40 to +60º C with appropriate duty cycle
•    High impact plastic case
•    Dimensions: 97 mm L x 61 mm W x 25 mm H (3.8 in L x 2.4 in W x 1.0 in H)


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