UHF RFID Label Tag

UHF RFID label tag offer a higher level of read performance than the General Purpose inlays and are regularly used in retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications. With this introduction, Zebra is discontinuing comparable DogBone sizes for the stock catalog.

This new inlay features NXP UCODE 8 – the newest and best chip with the highest sensitivity. A higher sensitivity chip offers many benefits to our customers which include longer read range, better tag readability in challenging environments and faster tag acquisition (less time to read a tag).

Extreme high sensitivity: read range up to 20m in free space Optimized to be read from nearly any angle
Performs well when placed on or near challenging materials (i.e. pallets, freight)
Best in class read accuracy with Zebra ATR7000
Pre-tested with Zebra printers and readers
Applications: Case / Pallet, Freight, Assets
Global item – works with FCC and ETSI frequencies


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