RFID Mobile Reader

The Integrated UHF RFID Mobile Reader  brings a new level of efficiency to inventory and asset management, order fulfillment and more. To maximize productivity, you want to give your workers a device that provides a new level of comfort, task speed, ease of use and accuracy to your RFID applications. The Mobile handheld RFID reader delivers it all. You get the signature rugged design of Zebra’s industrial handheld products for maximum uptime.

The Android UHF RFID Mobile reader is one of the lightest devices in its class with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. Superior RFID read performance and receiver sensitivity enable lightning fast capture of even the most challenging RFID tags.

Workers can read both RFID tags and barcodes with point and shoot simplicity. And you can create intuitive Android applications that use the  powerful computing platform, large touchscreen, and physical keypad. The mobile Android UHF RFID Mobile reader, the next evolution in handheld UHF RFID readers.


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