Portable Tripod Turnstile

Our Pro series tripod turnstiles represent classic and safe way to protect your premises. They are widely used in various indoor environment applications. They fit perfectly as an economical option into the office buildings and other related applications.


                             DEVICE FEATURES

  1. Control board with LCD screen
  2. Fingerprint & RFID reader
  3. SUS304 stainless steel
  4.  It is made of industrial parts for 24/7 continuous use.
  5. Allows 35-50 persons passing  per minute
  6. It has a tensile-type selenoide and is suitable for intensive use.
  7. Can be used in interior or exterior areas due to its durability to water
  8. It has dry contact relay and can operate by detenting from 3rd party devices
  9. The passing space is 50-55 cm.
  10. The arms and body are made of 304 stainless steel.
  11. The passing direction and situation  are indicated by bright LED signs.
  12. Bi-directional protection for overloading or heating.
  13. It can be used as one pass, two pass, free pass to set direction , always free or locked operation.
  14. Tested 3 million passings performance
  15. The operating voltage is between 100 V / 240 V. Max power: 30 watt.
  16. Operating frequency 50-60 Hz
  17. Working temperature -28 +70 ° C
  18. The dimensions are 480 x 280 x 980 mm
  19. Weight is 44 kg


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