Fixed-Mount 4-port UHF RFID Reader

Up-to-date numbers at all times in the materials management system – no problem with the Fixed-mount 4-port  enterprise UHF RFID reader. The readers ensures for quick, reliable capture of large quantities of goods which are marked with RFID labels, cards and tags in both incoming and outgoing goods. All palettes, boxes and articles with UHF RFID markings UHF ultra high frequency will be captured. The FX7500 sends the captured data via Ethernet or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the materials management system wireless connection via USB port. Thus, the device increases both the speed and efficiency of work processes.

  • Stationary high performance RFID reader for UHF labels and tags
  • Integrated micro-processor with new Linux-based network architecture
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection via USB port
  • Easy power supply via power-over Ethernet
  • Variants with 2-port or 4-port antenna interfaces available


The specially developed, software-based Zebra RFID wireless technology ensures for an even faster and more precise reading rate. Models with either 2 or 4 RFID antenna interfaces offer you a high degree of flexibility and tailor-made hardware for your application.
The reader features a micro-processor with integrated Linux-based network architecture, 512 MB Flash and 256 MB DRAM and may be programmed with either C or Java. For easier, more flexible installation rely on the power-over Ethernet interface.


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