Facial Recognition Device

Multiplex Systems Limited provides many models according to different usage purposes, recommends the most suitable face recognition device price for its customers according to the number of personnel, the light flow rate, the place of use, the passing density and the budget to be allocated for this process.


Device Specifications

Brand / Model: MAGIC FACE MF 856 Face Recognition System
Scanning Form: 3D
Recognition Distance: 30-90 cm
Recognition Speed: 0.1 second
Camera: 610 Tvline
Display: Color screen
Facial Recognition System Capacity: 1,000 people
Fingerprint Recognition Capacity: 3,000 fingerprints
Password Capacity: 3,000 passwords
Proximity Card Capacity: 3000 proximity cards
Log Capacity: 160,000 records can be stored in memory.
Detent – Dry contact:  Door , turnstile system and the barrier system can be opened by detenting
Buzzer-Bell :  Bell can be rung at the beginning , end of the working shifts and in the breaks.
Internal Battery: Operates with the internal battery unaffected by power interruptions.
Connection Type : TCP / IP, USB Memory Disk
Number of Scan Points: 5,500 reference scan points
Number of Recognition Points: 1,000 reference recognition points


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