Barcode Thermal Label Printer

The barcode thermal label printer is sustainable and offers full modularity with above-average performance features. Expansions such as a peeler, cutter, RS232 combination and Ethernet interface may be retrofitted on-site at any time, with just a few simple steps – you only pay for what you need.

It comes equipped with Bluetooth low energy, USB 2.0, USB host port for running applications directly from a USB stick, and also supports Link-OS for simple remote management from the cloud. Depending on the application and requirements, choose between variants with 8 dots/mm 203 dpi and 12 dots/mm 300 dpi.


  • Innovative desktop thermal transfer label printer
  • As needed, with a regular ribbon or practical cassette system
  • Modular after-market expansion with a peeler, cutter, RS232, Ethernet
  • Simple remote management Link-OS support
  • Special healthcare variant available


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