Barcode Direct Thermal Wristbands

Barcode direct thermal printable wristbands offer a simple and effective method of identifying patients quickly and clearly with minimal fuss. Designed for use in Zebra’s market-leading thermal printers, durable text and barcodes can be printed on-demand to help ensure positive patient identification.

Failure to correctly identify patients is one of the most serious risks to patient safety. Our  range of adult wristband solutions covers a wide range of requirements from those relating to patient comfort, reducing medical errors and event management through to improving workflow and streamlining admissions processes.

Adult wristbands need to cover a wide range of patients and guest  from young adults to the elderly and infirm. Zebra’s Z-Band thermal wristband products are specifically designed with these patients in mind and include the following elements and key features:

• Direct thermal, ribbon-less printing for superior ease-of-use and the ability to quickly print and apply to patients and guest.
• Wide range of materials designed to cover a range of patient and guest concerns and hospital stays.
• UV varnish provides resistance to water, hand-sanitiser gels, mild cleansers and other substances used in hospitals and event centers, ensuring print remains legible throughout a typical hospital stay.
• Antimicrobial coating helps prevent the spread of common hospital infections.
• Wristbands include tamper-evident security slits to ensure wristbands cannot be removed and re-applied.
• Wristbands are available in white and red, with red bands typically being used as a visual alert to nursing staff, where a patient has a specific medical condition


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